Christmas Exam

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Class X English Chapters

Unit - I Generations
Father’s Help (Short Story)
Night of the Scorpion (Poem)
Games at Twilight (Short Story)
Once upon a Time (Poem)

Unit - II The World of Mystery
The Man who Shouted Teresa (Short Story)
The Blue Bouquet (Short Story)
The Himalayas (Poem)
The Method of Sherlock Holmes (Novel)
Skimbleshanks: The Railway Cat (Poem)

Unit - III Reality to Reel
The Wizard of Sound (Interview)
Tea-shops in Malayalam Cinema (Article)
Celluloid Heroes (Song)
Sunshine through the Rain (Screenplay)

Unit - IV Upon the Thorn of Life
The Bet (Short story)

Unit - V Art and Attitudes
Balthazar's Marvellous Afternoon(Short Story)
The Master(Poem)

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